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Friday, July 11, 2014

Family Movie Night With a Purpose

What do you do to intentionally talk with your kiddoes about their faith? Is it  only once a week on the way home from church? Why not shake things up and use family movie night to create opportunities to have faith conversations.

Here's how you can do it. Use your family movie night as a time to ask faith questions. A great resource to use to find Faith questions to ask is:

Here's one to get you started Using the Incredibles 
Pop the popcorn and gather the snacks .
Pop in the movie

Questions to ask the Kids afer the movie is over or even during the movie.

  1. Why did Violet shrink from using her super powers?
  2. What can you learn from Violet's fears and insecurities?
  3. Do Christian's possess any "super" powers ?  ( look up and read Galatians 5:16-26 (NiRv is a great version to read this in. You can find it online at :
  4. What was wrong with Dash playing practical jokes on the teacher at school? (read Romans 13:1-7) How should we treat those in authority over us?

Questions for yourself and your spouse

  1. Do you celebrate your child's unique talents and gifts or do you frown on them or try to "help" your child not to use them so they will "fit in"? Remember what Mom said at the dinner table about using their super powers?  Ultimately the thing that empowered Violet's self esteem Mom was squashing which led to Violet feeling ashamed of her uniqueness and she was insecure and timid as a result. 
  2. Dad  if you have little girls when was the last time you praised your princess  for what they did or the fact that you think they are beautiful? When Dad makes a comment about Violet wearing her hair back how did Violet react? She was really pleased and that went a long way with encouraging her. Did you know that little girls self esteem are bolstered by how Dad treats her and how he models right treatment to her Mommy? Spending time with your little girl and showing her you value her boosts that self esteem through the roof! 
  3. Mom this same thing applies to you and your Son. 
  4. The saying of "little pitchers have big ears" is true here but not just what they hear but also what they see.... How you and your spouse treat and model love and value for each other is being absorbed into your children's lives. They are learning how to treat their  future spouses by your behavior to each other. Look at how things changed in the family when Bob went back to fulfilling his purpose of being a Super Hero. How did the family dynamic change? What happened between Helen and Bob when these changes took place?  
  5. And what about Helen's purpose? She had buried her special talents so far below so they could be "normal" she forgot who she was too. So what about you Mom?  

If you  enjoyed this and want to move on to the next movie here are some links to check out other movies to watch and discuss together:

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